Signal One~Poet Punk Industrial Pop Music WTF?

American poet-punk industrial-pop music…is that even a thing? I have no clue, sounds frivolous. Still looking for the right words to describe this sound.

What do you think?


Playthink Festival 2018

Full recap coming soon but here’s some quick scenes…

Recent spaces…

The Chemical Marriage teaches DHS students.

Got into the local paper… Read the Article HERE


Earlier this year, the students of Douglas High School’s Media Arts class were introduced to multimedia artist Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp of Portal.

Instructor Mark Silverstein and Knapp took elements from the technical class to help students look at the creative process in new ways.

“The class is focussed on media production, and I see that as involving two things really,” said Knapp. “You need to know how to work the camera and equipment, cast the right people, and produce; but really all of that is irrelevant if you don’t have quality content.”


The Chemical Marriage to Perform at Playthink 2018

Excited to announce a return to the hills of Kentucky for Playthink Festival

Join us…


Not For Everyone

Poem, 5/7/2018

Access to power
crazy dreams
slaves to masters
masters to slaves
rites of conversion
hats down
hands up
hand in hand
tours of duty
to god
a fool’s parade
a slice of heaven
Get it
Got it
Till you’re gone

If there is a future
I want to see you there
So take care

Somehow mismanaged
apostolistic poverty
so fly free bird
fly free
because I cannot afford
the cage anymore
subvert to masses
vision masters
reigns of art
replace terror
plant and water
reap and sow
Get it
Got it
Till you’re gone

If there is a future
I want to see you there
So take care