The 3 Light Bearers

3 Light Bearers, the Altered State Edition

This is the latest print of mine, 3 Light Bearers. What follows is a brief insight into my thoughts behind it.

From the Sol, the light manifests in our system. This light is carried by three bodies; Venus, the Moon, and Man. This is not only the warm visible light we see, but the generative light energy which maintains the rotations of energies. This is a representation of the God-head pouring forth the creative catalyst.

Each of the three bearers represents a different manifestation of the light. The Moon, here shown as the inclusive symbol of its phases, shows us the cyclical nature of all things.

Venus, here shown as the pentagram, serves its time in the two-fold roles of Morning Star and Evening Star. This is an acknowledgement for the necessity of balance.

Man not only bears the light, but reproduces its effects. Through reason and inquiry, shinning light into dark places so to say, we are able to push forward our knowledge, and hence our creative capacity results in the renewal of the generative unfolding.

Beyond these surface symbolises, there are subtle underpinnings. First, the man has one hand directed skyward, and the other to the ground, resounding the ancient axiom, “As above, So below”. This is especially important in relation to man’s relevance in the image. Humans not only receive this generative force, but actually process it and then retransmit in the form of our creations.

If you look closely at the line work, you can see the symbol for alchemical Sulphur; the omnipresent life-force that keeps the gears of life turning. This is in direct relation to the energy mentioned earlier. Below is the symbol clearly outlined…

And this brings us to the main point of the print; that it is only through the generative life force that we may exist. Venus and the Moon teach us to live in balance and move with the natural cycles of nature. When we succeed at these tasks, then may we have the sacred duty of furthering creation.

For more information about the Altered State Edition of the 3 Light Bearers print, please visit the main Chemical Marriage site.

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