“Nicest parts of Hell”; The insider’s scoop.


The Nicest Parts of Hell. Mixed media painting.

The Nicest Parts of Hell

 Two main things served as the catalyst for this painting…

1) A song by Nine Inch Nails called “Sanctified”.

2) The tympanum over the doorway at Bourges Cathedral.

Not bad places to start. The painting is a cornucopia of mixed media; pencil, india ink, metallic acrylic paint, and oil paint. It has been left in a varying degree of incompleteness, because if there was a hell, it would take a poetry of being incomplete to land you there.

One thing I love about this work is the figures. Not only are they a writhing mass of contorted shapes, but each carries a sheen of reflective paint; silver for the sinners, and gold for the hell-spawn. It sure makes it difficult to photograph though….

The shimmer of metallic paint.

Without the flowers, though, it just couldn’t be called “the Nicest Parts of Hell”

Love, Chemical Marriage

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