How to Easily Find the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio can be found quite easily using only a straight-edge and a compass. To underline the upcoming release of my book, Constructions, I am going to detail one of the lessons here; How to find the Golden Cut of a Line….

Step One.

Begin with line AB. First construct a perpendicular from B.

Next, bisect line AB, and label it C.

Step Two

Open the compass to measure CB. With the metal tip on B, cut an arc on the perpendicular at B. Label the intersection D.

Draw line AD. Without changing the compass, put the metal tip on D and cut an arc on AD. Label the intersection E.

Step Three

Open the compass to measure AE. Put the metal tip on A and the pencil on E, then cut an arc to intersect line AB. Label it F.

F marks the Golden Cut of line AB.


This is just one of many constructions that will be covered in the instructional book, Constructions, due out in July 2011, and only available at

3 Comments on “How to Easily Find the Golden Ratio”

  1. C.J. Bloomer says:

    This is an excellent book.

  2. […] an example of the contents, you can gander at one of Aaron’s blog posts, How to Easily Find the Golden Ratio. Share this:EmailFacebookStumbleUponRedditDigg This was written by Librarian. Bookmark the […]

  3. Tomas Holan says:

    The book here contains ALL shortest costructions of the Golden Ratio.

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