Metatron’s Cube: How- to Draw it…

***You can get the full how-to book online as a PDF.


Metatron’s Cube has been a design staple for centuries. For such a compact and intricate series of lines, it’s construction is surprisingly simple. All you will need is a compass, straight-edge, and a pencil. Total construction is less than five minutes. That being the reason you’re here let’s dive right in…

Step One

To start a Metatron’s Cube begin with the design known as the Flower of Life…

What you’re after is the 13 circles you see here in bold. Check out the link below for the Flower of Life Tutorial…

How to draw the Flower of Life

Back on point, it is the vertices of these 13 circles which will provide the frame for Metatron’s Cube. Here is shown one circle with lines extending to the other centers…

This is just one circle, but it shows you what must be applied around the whole design. Once all the circle centers have been connected you have Metatron’s Cube…

Now, the only task that remains is to decide what shape you want to pull out, and strengthen those lines….

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16 thoughts on “Metatron’s Cube: How- to Draw it…

  1. It is easy. It’s as simple as repeatedly dividing a circle over and over. All you need is a compass for the most of it then a straightedge for the final render. Don’t change the compass diameter. Draw your first circle. Then move anywhere to the circumference and use the circumference as the center for your next circle. That gives you the vesica piscis and the two points to center your next two circles. Use where the circles intersect on the outside as your circle centers and just keep working outward until the original circle has been divided four times in each direction either horizontally or vertically. It doesn’t matter which way you divide as long as it’s a straight path horizontal or vertical but not both. Horizontal or vertical only matters for the final render – it must be vertical to find Metatron’s cube’s final vertices. Get it? Vertical vertices. That’s known as the dynamic polarity. The rest is shown here. These are the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. Enjoy. Namaste.

  2. I love this image and all it represents. I notice, every time I look at it stars of snowflakes falling across the image on a diagnal. I this done on purpose?

  3. Please send me the pdf of how to draw sacred geometry!
    I will be so happy and greatful.
    Kindly regards Lena Osterdahl

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