Flower of Life: How to draw it…

jThe Flower of Life is in fact a seed for further geometric construction. It conatains the Seed of Life, and if carried outward provides the frame for Metatron’s Cube. Drawing the Seed of Life is astonishingly simple.

Begin by drawing a circle. Use a compass. Now take the METAL TIP of the compass and place it anywhere along the circle you just made; draw another circle. You should have the exact image you see above.

Next, locate the two points where the circles intersect, here shown by the green arrows. Place the metal tip of the compass on these intersections, and draw two more circles.

For the next step, simply repeat the process from before; locate the two new intersections and draw circles from those points. Again, look at the green arrows. By now you should have 6 circles.

The two circles drawn in the previous step should intersect at a single point with the original circle. Put your metal tip on that point and draw the sixth circle. These 7 circles comprise what is known as the Seed of Life. Carrying the process outward will give you the Flower of Life shown below….

This construction is the framework for Metatron’s Cube. See the link below for a full tutorial on how to construct Metatron’s Cube and the Five Platonic Solids.


If you want more information, and how-to lessons, please get yourself a copy of the full book, available as a PDF by emailing me: 


Thanks for learning this; it is an important symbol and useful design device. It is found freely, and should be given freely. Please share this tutorial with any friends who may be interested. Thanks and I hope you take a cruise through my site, and find things you like.

Lets end with a song….

58 thoughts on “Flower of Life: How to draw it…

  1. Wow, I didn’t know It could be drawn by following a few simple directions. Great article, thank you!

  2. Your efforts are not wasted!! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ The only thing wasted is my state of mind and my ability to be consistent with my interlocking circles. lol

  3. dont mean to interupt but this is a “falsification” of the construction of the flower of life.it always starts with one circle(representing unity consciosness),followed by cell division and a perfect logo rythmic spiral of circles in only one direction!!!
    what is shown in the first two pictures, is 2 circles spliting into 4!!! thats cell division,fine,but its followed by showing a double rotation pattern, emanating from 2 completely different centers of the 2 circles!
    thats known in sacred geometrical terms as the “luciferian rebellion”,its a master fake copy of the true unity reality from which its idea emenates!!! its duality in the making….

    1. Wow, I get it! These instructions make the flower based around the lower, second or fallen circle! The implications… Oh my. Now what about time…?

    2. It did start with one circle…
      did you realise the second circle is drawn from a point anywhere on the first circle?

    3. Maybe one could get multiple creators with and draw circles at the same moment to replicate the flower of life! I dont know how one could do it using two hands, though. Great input!

  4. Great! Just great! Is there any place where we can be assured we are not being overwhelmed by the deceptions of Lucifer?

      1. So very well said. I was disturbed to my core to read that people have associated this remarkable geometric perfection with an idea as ludacrist as the deevil. Why does everything hav to get polluted by religion? Can’t it just be perfect without assigning dogmatic undertones? I just want to scream “get out of my math!” hahaha.
        Also. They contradict themselves w/ the belief in lucifer on the one hand, yet shun duality on the other.

    1. Said above isn’t talking about the devil, the Lucifer Rebellion or Lucifer Experiment is just a perception of reality, rather than thinking of being one with the universe and conscious to the unity of all, we can cut ourselves from the loop of unity to do as we please. This is why Lucifer has been misinterpreted through YEARS of religion and fallen societies for being a bad or evil thing or an anarchist Antichrist. Its not necessarily bad its just never been successfully achieved by any. Totally mathematical is this design and it should be drawn in one direction all the way around by using the two centers of each previous circles in a clockwise motion. it may not legitimately matter on paper but in structure it means EVERYTHING. pyramids of Giza show this geometry everywhere if you can look close enough.

  5. Honestly,drawing this was the greatest experience I have ever had. I don’t know,but it definitely change my perspective a bit on life. Thank you very much for posting this! Also if everyone is interested in learning about the flower of life,search “Spirit Science-Flower of Life” on Youtube. Its really fascinating!

  6. Your efforts are not wasted.
    thank you very much for sharing.
    May you reap rewards in kind and may joy be your constant partner on the path you travel πŸ™‚

  7. I’d like to know how to draw one of these to a particular finished size, e.g. what’s the diameter of the individual circles if I wish to make a stencil of such and such size.

  8. Hey, I was wondering if you could do this without a compass? I know that the gemetry is supposed to be correct for it to be genuine sacred gemetry, but what if I use a perfect circle and trace it? Do you think this will work? Anyone know of any tutorials? I have no compass at the moment and cant wait to start this project!

    1. Yes you can! I would suggest marking the circle template into 6ths across the edge. Using these as guidelines will improve accuracy…also make your template from something transparent. Keep in mind you can make a crude compass using a string and a pencil

  9. i really enjoyed drawing this flower turned out just the way i wanted it too thanks so much whoever posted and made this flower up my mother really loved it with all the colour and shadow and shading. thanks again. loves it myself jealous now ive given it to my mum waaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Hello, as a constant student of life, and a metal artist, this has been a project I have wanted to do on a large scale (maybe 12′ to 15′). Since I don’t have a regular compass that big :0) I was thinking of trying the string/chauk method, which I was really happy to see you mention to another poster as a viable method. Thanks for a great site, I currently live in a repressed/oppressed/depressed area where the dogma is thick, so visiting here has been wonderful!

    1. Posts like the one you wrote give me a feeling of validation. Thank you. I say use the string method but then go back with a tape measure and check the diameter of the circle in at least 10 places.

  11. Nice explanation! Some friends and I have been planning to make a crop circle this year. This would be the perfect design!!!

  12. Thank you for the refreshing ideology and great inspiration for this long-fallow artist returning to her path. May you always be validated in this consciousness raising work.

  13. Thank you so very much!!!!! I have looked and looked and looked–THIS is what I was looking for!!! Thank you! πŸ™‚ ❀

  14. I would like to try to bring a little more clarity to the discussion of “Lucifer” in these posts — although most will probably still be totally confused without further reading. The commenters who have mentioned Lucifer are not suggesting that this symbol is evil or satanic. The original commenter was pointing out that the method of construction described on this page follows what is described as the “Lucifer experiment” which emanates from two centers and results in a “dualistic” pattern which does not emanate from a “single unity consciousness of love”. This commenter is semi-correct; however, the dualistic pattern continues to unfold two at a time, so that the resulting pattern is more oblong and never has a single center. In the the method described on this page the pattern is finished with a singular circle on the bottom, so in the end, the true pattern is created and all connections to “Satan” :O are avoided πŸ™‚ does the original commenter stated it would be more proper to start from a central circle and radiate around the central circle in one direction.

    So does it matter which way the symbol is constructed if the end result is the same? Hmm, good question. Well if “sacred” geometry is no more than pretty patterns on paper, then it probably doesn’t matter. If sacred geometry has some “sacred” significance related to the creation of universe and reality, then there may be some significance as to how it is drawn. Will drawing it the “wrong” way, invite dark forces into your basement? Probably not — unless that’s your intention. However if the purpose of drawing sacred geometry in the first place is to “connect” with the sacred harmony behind the symbol, then care in the details of its construction may behove one — even if it is no more than the placebo effect of ritual.

    So what is the “Lucifer Experiment”? How is it connected to this symbol? And what’s the significance of this symbol anyway? Well that’s far too long a story for here. For those interested, all of this discussion comes from Drunvalo Melchizedek two volume book “The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life” devoted specifically to these patterns. These books are also the main source of modern interest in these patterns, as well as (if I’m not mistaken) the actual names “Seed of Life” and ” Flower of Life”. So most of this discussion will be meaningless unless you have read these books — which go WAY deep into the significance of these patterns and a hundred other esoteric ideas that will certainly challenge your view of reality. Melchizedek may not be the end-all authority, but he is certainly required reading for anyone who wants to understand the deeper significance of these symbols. Which may include those who are teaching other people about the symbol (hint hint πŸ˜‰

    And though this might be stretching beyond the scope of this thread, for those who believe that all-is-one, duality is an illusion, and dark forces are also just illusions that we can choose to believe do not exist — I and most spiritual traditions would agree that this is true on some level. And this is actually the point of Melchisedek’s discussion of the “Lucifer experiment.” But on another level, we live in a world where very dark forces are directing a significant amout of what happens, and it may not be wise to turn a blind eye to this aspect of our reality. For more on this perspective, check out the work of Mark Passio’s among others. But be warned it’s not all flowers and pretty patterns (though there are a few of those too πŸ™‚

    And you just came here to learn how to draw 7 circles on a piece of paper :O

    Peace , Love, and Understanding

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