Chemical Marriage is looking for artists in the greater Lexington area in Kentucky. Why?

On November 3rd, 2012, CM will be hosting an art battle in conjunction with LEVEL nightlife. DJ Bootysweat will be on hand to get the floor bumping as artists crank out some amazing live-action artwork. We are looking for 8 artists who are comfortable performing onstage. The run down is as follows….

Each heat will consist of 2 artists.
The start of each match will begin with a random drawing of a theme, unknown to all until the match begins.
The artists will have approx. 15 minutes to create an original work of art centered on the selected subject.
At the end of the round the audience will decide who advances to the next round.
The medium will be charcoal and/or pastel.
All supplies will be provided by Chemical Marriage.

This event will take place at Level Nightclub in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky. All participants must be 21 and up.

If this gets your little artist heart thumping, and you’d like to participate, please email

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