Invocation of the Androgynous Muse

Triptych Flat

Acrylic on masonite
3 panels each 4 x 7.5 ft (center panel slightly higher)

Created as part of a 50 hour immersive performance artwork at the 2013 New Orleans Fringe Fest. See more of the performance….

Random Thoughts from the Artist about this work….

There are a few things you should know about the setting. First, it was outside. We made a 20 x 20 space that was entirely immersive; the walls were painted in whirling energy and the panels on stage had no definite divider between where the “stage” and “audience ” resided. We had the fortune to host a cold front for 3 of the 5 days…rain, wind, and temps in the low 40’s.

Did I mention I was wearing a one-piece body suit? As such I found myself challenged and empowered by having to create in the raw, for an audience, while also using willpower to overcome the environment. I could not feel my feet after while, but since I was in character, and had no choice, it was easier to manage than I presumed. It was interesting that as soon as we finished each night I got cold instantly; curious because it underlined to me how much comfort has to do with your mind, and less with the body itself.

When the tent was empty I tried my best to stay in character; often meditating on stage. It was a form of spiritual exercise for me, and my sense of “self” deviated wildly.  At times I was Aaron Lewis Knapp sitting on stage in costume; however often I was overcome by the “other”…my ego taking a backseat as the Androgynous Muse peaked through my eyes, and acted through my hands. It was in those times I feel the spirit of the idea was made manifest.

This marks the 2nd time I have done the Androgynous Muse performance. The second time was far more robust than the first; refining after each performance we are VERY much looking forward to the next manifestation. Look for us in Berea, Kentucky this summer. We will be rolling out an all new approach with this performance at the PlayThink Movement Festival, June 2014. Hope you make it.

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