Rites of Conversion (audio-visual art x occult ritual)


The mind and body behind Chemical Marriage, Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp, is now involved in another project that brings together everything learned thus far:


Its a audio-visual feedback system incorporating magick ritual with performance art known as an aktion. A canvas is connected with microphones so that every time a line is drawn, it makes an amplified sound. That sound is then taken into various analog effect pedals, and a bunch of stuff Aaron doesn’t understand…he just draws and talks. The technomes do that other stuff…

Check out this project as it lifts off the ground. It has 3 core members, ASLK, CD, and JR. Friends and Initiates sometimes participate. Links and Video below. Next ritual is sometime in January.

Rites of Conversion on YouTube

Rites of Conversion of Facebook

search #ritesofconversion on Instagram

Join us.


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