The Dailys Project: Day 3

THE DAILYS PROJECT : How it works.

Everyday, I create an artwork. What this work is can vary wildly in material and subject. Once the art is made, I share it online. The first person to claim the work, can have it, just be sure you have fully read what the project requests.

To claim this work, email me at

Daily 3 of 365



Today’s work is inspired by cryptic nature of Antarctica. There is a great mystery there. It is old and dark, yet also has something to do with the light of the future. If you look into the history of Admiral Byrd, there is a clue for you. It is our last terrestrial frontier and perhaps a view into our past. I’ve had powerful dreams there. In Antarctica is the key to many mysteries. Expect it to be in news big time for 2017.

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