The Dailys Project: Day 5


Today’s work is a further exploration of the divided self…one part here in a body, the other in a dream world. The mind is the medium of their exchange. The body the temple of their labor. The cresting wave of reality the only disclosure they exist, where the water meets the shore; where the light casts shadow.

THE DAILYS PROJECT : How it works.

Everyday, I create an artwork. What this work is can vary wildly in material and subject. Once the art is made, I share it online. The first person to claim the work, can have it, just be sure you have fully read what the project requests.

To claim this work, email me at

Daily 5 of 365

3 Comments on “The Dailys Project: Day 5”

  1. Lu Ferrell says:

    I love your artwork. But I keep reading this: “just be sure you have fully read what the project requests.” Where? Where do I read what the project requests? I would love to give today’s art work, Day 5, to my daughter since she has the “As above, so below” tattooed on her. You are a gifted artist!

    • You can read the full project in the link below, but the basic idea is I mail you the art, and you, or your daughter, must send me something back. Can be anything….art, letters, objects, wine, money, photos, bones….ANYTHING.

      Thats all I’m alluding to…that if you claim a work you must send me something in exchange.

      Here’s the main page for the Dailys

    • I just checked my email…and someone had already laid claim to this one. However, I will produce many works on the “As above, so below” phrase…it’s one of my favorites. I hope you can get one for your daughter, and maybe one for you too!

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