The Dailys Project: Day 6

img_20161212_170409.jpgThere is an object beyond our comprehension that penetrates our world. It grows more evident every day. Terrence McKenna called it the ‘transcendental object at the end of time.” It is the great attractor of our unknowns, the embodiment of everything irrational to our neat ordering of empirical knowledge. This object inserts itself into reality through our hearts and imaginations. It is already here on the periphery of disclosure, and will soon fully appear to disrupt everything we think we know.

THE DAILYS PROJECT : How it works.

Everyday, I create an artwork. What this work is can vary wildly in material and subject. Once the art is made, I share it online. The first person to claim the work, can have it, just be sure you have fully read what the project requests….I give you art but you must give me something in return. Read more by clicking the ‘Dailys’ tab at the top of this website.

To claim this work, email me at

Daily 6 of 365

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