Dailys Project: Day 8



Today’s work is about irrational elements of our psyche that are essential to a balanced mind.  Reason and methodology give us great access to understanding our world but do not comprise the entirety of experience. There is something still lurking behind our equations; there exists an unmeasurable phenomenon both within us and all so beyond us.

The Dailys Project: creating and giving away art everyday for a year….

First person to email me gets the art.

Everyday, I create an artwork. What this work is can vary wildly in material and subject. Once the art is made, I share it online. The first person to claim the work, can have it, just be sure you have fully read what the project requests….I give you art but you must give me something in return. Read more by clicking the ‘Dailys’ tab at the top of this website.

To claim this work, email me at thechemicalmarriage@gmail.com

Daily 8 of 365

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