The Chemical Marriage

Our Services

Live painting, Body painting, Improv Musical Atmospheres, Private Rituals and Art Spaces! In addition we also have a few recurring happenings…


A provocative lounge for voyeurs set inside an installation art space. The performance space centers around Signal, a shape-shifting time-traveler. It’s like a psychedelic Bob Ross experience.

This is an experience geared for festivals. THE SPOT brings live painting, flow arts, shape-shifting, live music, living still life,fortune-telling, body manipulation, spoken word, bondage, burlesque, ritual magic, dance,and body art.

Signal at SuperMoon 2018

Shifter’s Lounge

A place for those who wanna try on something new, Shifter’s Lounge invites people to play dress-up. We offer body-painting and a closet of costumes to help the experiencer transform their persona. Rebis, the Great Hermaphrodite facilitates the soul guide for those who want get weird with identity.

Invocation of the Muse

An interactive painting fusing live-art with audience made music. Inside the space the Muse sits motionless. The room is full of musical instruments. If the audience plays music, the muse comes to life and paints. This usually lasts a few days…

Spirit Skin Body Painting

A unique style of body painting that uses the bodies natural energy flow to move the brush. Also called Chi Painting, this service is performed in a relaxing meditative setting to help people let go, breathe, and relax.

Private Rituals

We work with you on a very personal level to craft an mythical ritual catered to your desires. There is no limit on what is possible….





Imagine a place of Art and Magic

There you will find The Chemical Marriage.

We are a production fusing visual art, improvisational performance, music, and ritual.

We create mystical environments to facilitate psychedellic experience

Get art off the wall and back into the heart.

We endorse the idea of an “Other” operating in reality

Art is the best method of communication.

We believe something very strange is happening on this planet

We are here to help…