Sacred Geometry (How to draw it yourself)


The most popular pages on this site are the lessons on the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube. I can see there is a lot of people interested in the subject. Navigating the web can be tricky, and if you just want to know how to draw sacred geometry yourself, you often must wade through all sorts of philosophical packaging. Like the child in the picture above, its fun, but bewildering.

I wanted to make things simple.

Both these lessons are taken from the book ‘Constructions’…a sacred geometry how-to book. Get your copy using this link…



Banishment Ritual w/ Amzie

Fleshsculpting in New Orleans


Merkaballistics: Atlanta

Recent developments in Merkaballistics. Downtown Atlanta. My favorite moment of the night was witnessing a young boy dancing on the seed of life, shown below…







Fringe Fest 2013: New Orleans

Photo Cred to Erica Chambers Photography

Photo Cred to Erica Chambers Photography

What: Fringe Fest 2013

Where: New Orleans

What: Invocation of the Androgynous Muse

Chemical Marriage is excited to announce our inclusion to the 2013 Fringe Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana. We hope to take what we learned from Playthink Festival and kick it up a notch.

….a few notches to be exact. The performance is scheduled to last 10 hours a day for all five days of Fringe Fest. That’s 50 hours of painting…. 50 hours of you, the audience, animating an androgynous goblin using music. 50 hours of FRINGE!

We’ll be posting more update as the days collapse toward November, but for now check out the official Fringe Fest website and get yer read on…..

We hope to see you there.







EXPOSED! Christian Right revels my role in the Illuminati

First, I’d like to extend my thanks to the Illuminati for letting me join; you guys really should send a confirmation letter. I didn’t even know I a member until ‘Just Cry Jesus’ pegged it.

So, now that I’m out, I can share it with you…check out the last link ‘Just Cry Jesus’ posted as proof…

Just Cry Jesus

Murder, Masks, and Monsters


Recent endeavours have me making mask from the effects of killers.

Get the full details….