PlayThink 2018

Happy to announce we will be bringing the Muse back to Playthink 2018.


PlayThink Movement & Arts Festival is a summer adventure in the Appalachian Foothills that will transform your heart. Since its inception, we have created a community of visionary artists, performers, musicians, teachers, and so much more. People from all walks of life have come to PlayThink and built the rich experience that you can enjoy today. Whatever your flow may be, there is a home for it at PlayThink!

PlayThink is a family festival and welcomes all ages. It is a place for friends and families to discover together, have fun together, and create memories to last a lifetime

The Chemical Marriage at SuperMoon 2018!

Three days of music and Arts. Merchandise and Food Vendors. Late night fire shows on Friday and Saturday. Hiking, swimming, dancing, and SWARPN! On the highest festival grounds in KY! More details soon. Find more information at the Supermoon Event Page


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