That Terrible and Fascinating Mystery ~read live in Bisbee

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest poet for the Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project. View the full playlist of clips here..

Poems and Songs Playlist

Recently, in pictures.

Ive entered a portal…

Friends, the mystery has fully enveloped me, and I am blazing into the western sun. I share with you this picture of me after many hours enrapture. Thanks for being here with me. The journey continues…

The Daily…72

Live long and prosper….


The Dailys #71

Collage from old encyclopedias.

The Daily #70

A trippy collage made from Rifle Magazine, spring edition, 2017…put out by 88.1 WRFL Radio Lexington. Far out dudes….

The Daily. #69 (NSFW)

Photo 2 in my series exploring auto-erotica and hetro-male sexuality. Its unnerving to show the world this side of myself….but its liberation out weighs and discomfort.