The Chemical Marriage to Perform at Playthink 2018

Excited to announce a return to the hills of Kentucky for Playthink Festival

Join us…


The Daily #70

A trippy collage made from Rifle Magazine, spring edition, 2017…put out by 88.1 WRFL Radio Lexington. Far out dudes….

Art and art underway. (Recent doings)

I want to take a post and shed light on a few things other than Dailys. Below are works in progress, or things recently finished; the breaking wave of my larger creative projects. 

A large mural underway inside The Kitchen, a new joint in downtown Richmond, Kentucky.

A four canvas work underway dealing with the mythos of the Piper.

A free and open chalk board inside the bar.

This is a spinny, fun-thing I made for Knotfire Productions…fire-clan people.

Who (new version)

Dr. Isbell and he Daytriper will be performing an intimate show for a small audience this March in Berea, Kentucky. Join Us.

For this version of ‘Who’ we dropped the second round of lyrics and just drive it into a steasdy jam. Enjoy, and Share!

Daily 44 of 365

A fiddle player let’s loose the harmony of the spheres in the Kentucky woods. 

#44 of 365

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Summer Schedule


The Chemical Marriage, and affiliated entities, will be busy this summer:

July 13th: Art at the Secret Spot Show

July 27th: Dr. Isbell and the Daytripper at the Secret Spot Show

July 30th: Art at The Shrine for the solsctice celebration~Somerset, Ky

August 2nd: HOMETRON Show~ Collab with B.S.O.A.J.G., E.L.EW., and Cum Dads~Lexington

August 5th: First Friday Festival~Berea

August 13th: Sip’n’Stroke wine and art event at Boone Tavern

September 16th-18th: Cirque De Virgo~absolute crazy unleashed in full~Homegrown Hideaways

September 30th-October 2nd: Patchwork Music Festival~Nicholasville, Ky

…and then there is October 🙂

Playthink 2016


Happy to say I’ll be seeing you once again at Playthink. This festival, is small, secluded, and special. Nestled in a Kentucky hideaway, its yet to be discovered by the throbbing masses. This will be the 5th Playthink, and its getting better every year.

For Playthink 2016, Chemical Marriage will be offering an ongoing, collaborative painting, Surreal IS-ness portraits, Body painting of the forms energy systems, and finishing it off with a healing sound ritual Saturday night.

I’d love to see you there.

Get your ticket here…