The Chemical Marriage to Perform at Playthink 2018

Excited to announce a return to the hills of Kentucky for Playthink Festival

Join us…


Playthink 2016


Blessed. Full of gratitude. Wonder. Connection. Happiness. Discovery. Playing. Thinking…

WOW, that is the word Playthink 2016.  A great showing for the Chemical Marriage, but also for Playthink as a whole. We grew a lot this year; and next year is already looking good. Before I get into my personal experience, Let me first say thank you to every single one of you who contributed to the making of this years flow festival. We did exactly what mama Paige invited us to do…. Amazingly well done folks!

The Chemical Marriage space was great this year. A chill spot in the shade to relax, find something cool to drink, a few sprays of ma’s special spray….a place to sit and be for a while. We offered Isness portraits, and continued with that special energy painting developed in 2014. New for me this year was the Mime sessions I did in the afternoons on Thursday and Friday. THAT was fun….I felt like a child again. This kid Spike really gave me a run for my money. The jewel of my creation at Playthink is this door that was painted….


This door was painted on site for Playthink 2016

This door was painted on site for Playthink 2016

The door was started on Thursday and added to through the entire festival. Saturday is when it really took off; I got started around 11 am and worked until sunrise on Sunday. The door was an ongoing artwork, but also served as the place where people got energy painted. Eventually, the entire scene got painted…the rocks, grass, candles, rugs….the numerous small canvases laid around, the cloths….all elements being added to the larger door painting as things developed. By sunrise Sunday morning the location itself was a work of art.

It was an epic ritual, most of which was done in character as the Muse…a full body suit half black, half white…as well as a mask. While working I did not speak (unless I really had to) and made a point to interact with participants in heartfelt ways. Luckily, I had the lovely Katie Didit on site to help me. I know I have many weird quirks, but she really came through to make it all happen.

Reflecting back, what I value the most was the feelings. I felt so deep into people. Revealed my vulnerability. True communion. The space served as a cosmic checkpoint for people. The most memorable moments where the late night encounters; when I am there alone painting for the moon and crickets when a strange and beautiful human emerges from the edge of my candle….and we sit, we look….we listen with our eyes. For a brief moment it is just our little shared world….and then the spirit calls them and they depart to join the crowd….I rejoin the crickets and the moon….those feelings are captured and carefully carried inside of me….that is what you see flowing from the tip of my brush. It is so much more than paint. That painting is washed in tears overflowing me…

So now that I am back to the daily stuff…those moments are resonating deep inside and I can promise you it has already inspired me for whats next. I love you all! I love Playthink. Thank you.


Playthink 2013: Invocation of the Androgynous Muse

This was a pivotal work. It’s idea was beautifully simple

the muse

Set up a stage.

Sit in the middle of the stage like a statue, shape-shifted into an androgynous goblin.

instruments are placed around the stage.

The Creature comes to life and paints if music is played.

When the music stops, the creature returns to middle, attaining stillness.

This lasted for 12 hours.


The melding of music with visual art is an age-old romance, but this was a rare occasion with diverse musicians present; the work was created in real-time; direct interface. The sound varied…the first person to play the animating music was a young boy, perhaps 5 or 6. And it went from there…


sax….ambient drone from metal drums, revolution songs, rock-a-billy blues….even a full brass marching band with accompanying hoop dancers.  One of my particularly fond collabs was with the group Everyone Lives Everyone Wins , part of central Kentucky’s Concentric Drone Cult. Was able to entirely invest in the creature.

the Muse



The physical demand was a challenge….

I eagerly accepted. Though my body disagreed quite a bit the next day. Totally worth it! This performance falls in line with an idea I’ve been flirting with of Endurance Art performances. An artist taking on a physical extremes in addition to producing a raw creativity. This is a budding idea that will present itself again in my work…hope you catch it.



Special thanks to Homegrown Hideaways for hosting and Playthink Festival for organizing.

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