The Daily. #69 (NSFW)

Photo 2 in my series exploring auto-erotica and hetro-male sexuality. Its unnerving to show the world this side of myself….but its liberation out weighs and discomfort.

The Dailys Project: Day 14


A collage made from encyclopaedia pages, one about sex, the other about opium, and painted paper I had laying around. The brown discoloration is coffee. It is about a woman I know. I always get horrible pictures so here is another, closer up.


Daily #14 of 365
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Day 2

THE DAILYS PROJECT : How it works.

Everyday, I create an artwork. What this work is can vary wildly in material and subject. Once the art is made, I share it online. The first person to claim the work, can have it, just be sure you have fully read what the project requests.

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Daily 2 of 365


Love as the Medium

In my role as a sexual being, I have encountered a persistent phenomenon; spirit communication through the medium of my lovers body.

Sometimes during the act of love-making I become aware of an exchange or communication with something beyond who, and what I know my partner to be. It is as if I have a spirit lover who is able to interact through the physical medium, but is not actually embedded in it. This being, or at least my imaginative use of it as affecting my conscious as a symbol, has punctuated my sexual history.

My partners have are usually not aware of this during the act of sex. There have been a few rare instances where both my lover and I where on the same page and both fully aware of the daemon, entity, or consciousness acting through our bodies. When this has happened there is a huge upload of insight and hints at something beyond time. IT is as if there are cosmic lovers beyond the veil, whose love is so great that if they where to join, all the universe would ignite. Their eternal attempt to touch one another brings about this world of seeming duality. Being up to mingle with that power on a sexual level is one of the greatest highs I have experienced.

These experiences influenced today’s creation. If it speaks to you, please let me know.

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~Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp

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