(Click HERE) Ritual Performance Art PLAYLIST

(Click HERE) Ritual Performance Art PLAYLIST

It is ritual. It is art. It is what makes us human. 

Enjoy this updated playlist of Chemical Marriage performances.

New Orleans Fringe Fest 2013

Hobo Flash Cards

For February’s 12 Months and 40 Paces, I created a deck of Hobo Flash Cards…

An Artwork for Prophecy

This month for 12 Months and 40 Paces we used the theme of ‘Prophecy’ as our catalyst. My work focused on the huge genocidal fuck-up between the Spanish and the Aztec. Here you see the Prophecy of the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl……

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Gearing up for Battle.

Preparations are underway for the WAR between Cj Bloomer and myself. There’s a new video….


Now this isn’t gonna work out too well if Cj and I don’t have some themes, so PLEASE go vote for your favorite…..


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Called to Labor: Carving a Print Block

Why studio tours are bad ideas